Wrecker truck (body) for sale from China

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Wrecker truck (body) for sale from China. It’s not the first time we sell the wrecker body for worlsdwide customers, we export the up structures several hundreds nearly every year. Also the other truck bodies, like water tanker, garbage bodies, compactors, dumpers, … we are the largest special vehicle manufacturer in China, named Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

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For exporting wreckers, we always packed each part in bulk, then load them in containers, only this way we can largely reduce the cost of shipping. And assembling them in the local factory when arrives at the end users place.

All for the beginning, we have a part list for our customer, if you need it, pls contact us. Like the above picture, we list them one by one in numbers.

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This is only a corner of the parts warehouse.

For more about the wrecker truck or wrecker truck business, you can visit us via:


ADD: Chengli Ind. Zone, Zengdu Dist., Suizhou, Hubei, China

TEL: +86-722-3818068
MB: +86 188 72992009
Web: www.cl-spv.com


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