China howo 35000 liters water truck

China howo 35000 liters water truck, howo 35000 liters water truck supplier & manufacturer… 洒水车产品又称绿化洒水车、多功能洒水车、喷洒车、拉水车、运水车,主要用于城市道路、大型厂区、园林等单位清洁路面、防尘、美化环境等作用。 洒水车产品配置:前冲(喷)、后能洒、带侧喷(花洒)、带后工作平台、平台上安装绿化洒水高炮,配备全国质量领先的大功率专用洒水泵,带消防接头,带自流阀,带自吸功能。 Sprinkler products are also known as green sprinklers, multi-function sprinklers, sprayers, pull-pullers, and water transport trucks. They are mainly used for cleaning roads, dust-proofing, and beautifying environments in urban roads, large-scale factory areas, and gardens. Sprinkler product configuration: front … More China howo 35000 liters water truck