Dongfeng kaipute road cleaning & sweeper truck

Dongfeng kaipute road cleaning sweeper truck, the new and high quality kaipute brand (dongfeng series) road sweeper truck with water spray function. 扫路车有:东风小多利卡扫路车(1.5方水,4方尘,3300轴距),江铃扫路车(1.5方水,4方尘3360轴距),江淮扫路车(1.5方水,4方尘3360轴距),庆铃扫路车(1.5方水,4方尘3360轴距),东风多利卡扫路车(2方水,5方尘3800轴距),145扫路车(2.5方水,6方尘3950轴距),153扫路车(3.5方水,7.2方尘4500轴距),天锦扫路车(3.5方水,7.2方尘4500轴距) Road sweeper we do: Dongfeng small Dolika Road sweeper (1.5 cubic water, 4 cubic dust, 3300 wheelbase), Jiang Ling Road sweeper car (1.5 cubic water, 4 cubic dust 3360 wheelbase), Jianghuai Road … More Dongfeng kaipute road cleaning & sweeper truck