wanshan brand 50 tons dump truck

万山牌50吨自卸车,库存50吨自卸车,wanshan brand 50 tons dump truck 两台,载重五十吨的,一五年的库存,潍柴375马力,法士特9档,二十五吨美驰桥,厢内部尺寸,5.5’2.8’1.6。底16边14。海沃油缸。 Two sets, with a load of 50 tons, a stock of one-five years, 375 horsepower for Weichai, 9 files for Fast, 25 tons of Mercedes bridge, internal dimensions of the cabin, 5.5’2.8’1.6. Bottom 16 side 14. Hayward cylinder.