Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle

Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle 1.  Brand: Dongfeng 2. Dongfeng-15 Refrigerated truck 3. Engine: Cummins 190 horse power 4. Wheelbase: 4700mm 5. Size: 8000x2500x3000mm For the refrigerated unit, we can make the -5 ℃ & -15℃ tempreture. You can choose the right one for you, cos some friend buy it to transport fruits & vegetables, which … More Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle

Foton refrigerated truck for sales

Foton refrigerated truck for vegetables, fruits, meats, medicine, seafood, milk, icecream… we are the direct truck factory & manufacturer… please contact us for the best price and detailed parameters. ADD: Chengli Ind. Zone, Zengdu Dist., Suizhou, Hubei, China TEL: +86-722-7113456 MB:   +86 188 72992009 Web:

Dongfeng tianlong 8×4 refrigerator truck

Dongfeng tianlong 8×4 refrigerator truck, dongfeng refrigerated truck manufacturer & supplier & factory.  40 tons refrigerated truck / vehicle… Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated truck, vehicle model: DFH5311XLCAX1V3, chassis model: DFH1310A13, number of passengers: 3 people, Cummins ISL9.5-315E51A engine, power 232kw, 315 hp, high-top two-bedroom, directional power, cab air conditioning, ABS, central lock, electric doors and … More Dongfeng tianlong 8×4 refrigerator truck