Isuzu Truck with Crane

Isuzu Truck with Crane, here today i will show the main Isuzu truck with crane models made in China.

Truck models: Isuzu 100P, Isuzu 600P, Isuzu700P, Isuzu FTR, Isuzu FVZ, Isuzu Giga

Crane Brand: Sany Palfinger, XCMG, CX, Chengli, Shimei,

The first one, Isuzu 100P truck with 2 tons crane:

Second, Isuzu 600P with Sany Palfinger 3.2 tons crane SPS80000

Isuzu 600P single-row cab, Isuzu 4KH1CN5HS (130 horsepower) engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, with air conditioning, steering assist, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 700R16 tires,

SANY Palfinger 3.2 ton 4-section straight boom truck-mounted crane, crane model: SPS8000, maximum lifting height: 11.9 meters, maximum working radius 10.4 meters, lower operation, additional rear outriggers: fixed rear outriggers (outriggers) The distance does not exceed the carriage), hydraulic single-chamber outrigger (expanding distance 3.5 meters), hydraulic double-chamber outrigger (expanding distance 4.25 meters),

Third, Isuzu 700P with 5 tons XCMG crane SQS125

Qingling Isuzu 700P National VI single-row cab, 4HK1-TCG61 Isuzu diesel engine, power 139KW, 190 horsepower, Isuzu 6-speed gearbox, front axle 4 tons, rear axle 7 tons, 235/75R17.5 vacuum tires, with Air conditioner, with direction boost, ABS anti-lock device, air brake. Total weight: 10550kg, rated weight: 4550kg, curb weight: 5805kg, 3 persons in the cab.

The XCMG 5-ton crane, model SQS125, is divided into a 5-ton three-section straight-arm crane and a 5-ton four-section straight-arm crane. It is operated downward and has a 360-degree full rotation. This crane is more suitable for lifting cargo with a tonnage of about 2 to 4 tons.

Next time, i will write some bigger truck Isuzu FTR, Isuzu Giga truck with 10 tons, 12 tons, 14 tons 16 tons cranes…

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ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane
Main parameters of ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

Isuzu 6*4 Heavy Duty 12t-16t Sany Palfinger crane Truck for sale

The truck-mounted crane realizes various mechanical actions through the principle of hydraulic transmission. The power of the crane is to take out the capacity of the engine through the power take-off to drive the hydraulic oil pump to work, and the hydraulic oil pipe is connected to the hydraulic valve to achieve related functions. We can also use the oil pump motor unit to provide the power source. The oil pump motor unit drives the motor to work through 380V voltage when there is no vehicle power in the field, docks, ships, workshops, etc. If there is no external power supply, we use the generator generates power to activate the electric motor then drives the oil pump to work.

Application of ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

Widely used in urban and rural construction, road and bridge pipe network construction, landscaping projects, power equipment installation, and mall and medium-sized water conservancy construction, due to its advantageous maneuverability and rapid transfer, that integrate the functions of lifting and transportation.When working on the job site, outriggers are extended horizontally from the chassis then vertically to level and stabilize the crane while stationary and hoistin.

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XCMG straight arm / telescopic boom aerial platform truck

XCMG straight arm / telescopic boom aerial platform truck

XCMG telescopic boom aerial platform truck

项目 ltem                                                              参数 Parameter
底盘Chassis:                                                         庆铃QL1100A8LARY/江淮HFC1101P7K1D1ZV(国V)/江铃JX1103TK25
发动机Engine:                                                       4HK1-TC51,ISF3.8S5154,ISF3.8S5154
驾驶室 Cab:                                                          单排.准乘人数3人
取力系统PTO:                                                       由变速箱取力, 气动取力
工作平台Working platform:                                   尺寸1370x690x1192mm.额定载荷260kg
臂架Boom:                                                            四节伸缩臂+举升臂
回转装置 Rolaton organizaton:                             转台回转为全回转,平台回话±90度
操作系统 Operating syslem:                                  转台及工作平台设置电控操作,标配遥控器,转台备有应急操作
液圧系统Hydraulic system:                                    电液比例控制,无级调速, 配有电动应急泵
走台板 Table board:                                               钢制工具箱及围板, 栏杆,铝合金防滑走台板
安全装置 Safety Device:                                        上下车互锁,软腿报警 电动泵、双向平衡阀、双向液、压锁、
调平系统 Leveling System:                                    等容积油虹自动调平系统
管路输送 Pipeline transportation:                           拖链保护系统
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telescopic boom aerial platform truck
项目 Item                                                                            参数 Parameter
Max.working height of working platform                             25.6m
工作平台最大作业幅度                                                        14.5m
Max.working radius of bucket
工作平台额定载荷                                                               260kg
Rated load on working platform
转台回转角度                                                                       360”连续
Rotation angle of column
工作平台回转角度                                                                 +90度
Rotary angle of working platform
工作平台最大作业高度时作业幅度                                         2.7m
Working radius of buckel al the maximum working height
工作平台最大作业福度时最大作业高度                                  18.5m
Workung herght of bucket al the maximum working radius
支腿跨距横向                                                                          4500mm
Leg span transversal
支腿跨距纵向                                                                          5200mm
Leg span lengthwise
行驶状态尺寸(长x宽x高)                                                         7995mmx2350mmx3280mm
Travelling sizes(LxWxH)
Dongfeng telescopic boom aerial platform truck
8.CAN 总线+转台处手动,无级调速,提作性能优越;
11.转台回转为全回转,平台回转角度可达 士90 度
The main features of the complete aerial work vehicle:

1. The collection size of the whole vehicle is small, the encounterability is good, and the turning radius is small;
2. The whole vehicle is light in weight, green and energy-saving;
3. The four-section telescopic battalion is synchronously retracted, with flying bones, the flying boom is not restricted, and the flexibility is high;
4. The horizontal and vertical expansion of the four outriggers can be controlled separately, the outriggers control the automatic throttle, and the outriggers can prevent misoperation and retract;
5. Load-sensitive electro-hydraulic proportional control, turntable and working platform two operations:
6.Isometric leveling oil rainbow to ensure that the working bucket is always level;
7. The pipeline transportation adopts the built-in drag chain form with high reliability;
8.CAN bus + manual at the turntable, stepless speed regulation, superior performance;
9. The interlocking and soft leg protection functions to ensure safe operation;
10. Equipped with one-key collection, convenient operation;
11.Turntable rotation is full rotation, and the platform rotation angle can reach ±90 degrees
12. Equipped with electric emergency pump

Foton hook arm garbage truck CLW5041ZXXB6

Foton hook arm garbage truck (5)

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产品名称 CLW5041ZXXB6


产品号 ZPVFL6F001H
总质量(Kg) 4495 整备质量(Kg) 2100
额定载质量(Kg) 2265 外形尺寸(mm) 4665×1750×2120
驾驶室准乘人数(人) 2 货厢尺寸(mm) ××
接近角/离去角(°) 18/25 前悬/后悬(mm) 1115/950
轴数 2 轴距(mm) 2600,2850
轴荷(Kg) 1710/2785 最高车速(Km/h) 110
其它 1、仅选用2600mm轴距改装。防护材料:Q235B碳钢,连接方式:左右侧面防护与后下部防护均采用焊接连接,后部防护断面尺寸(mm):120×50,后部防护离地高度(mm):420。2、ABS型号为CM4YL,生产厂家为广州瑞立科密汽车电子股份有限公司。3、发动机与油耗值(L/100km)的对应关系为:Q23-95C60/9.69。4、专用装置:拉臂机构,主要用于城镇环卫散装生活垃圾的收集与运输。
底盘型号 BJ1045 底盘名称 载货汽车底盘(二类)
商标名称 福田牌 生产企业 北汽福田汽车股份有限公司
外形尺寸(mm) 4985,5355,4685×1690,1665×2080 轮胎数 6
接近角/离去角(°) 18/20 轮胎规格 6.00R15 10PR
钢板弹簧片数 7/5+3 前轮距(mm) 1345
燃料种类 柴油 后轮距(mm) 1292
排放标准 GB17691-2018国Ⅵ
发动机型号 发动机生产企业 排量(ml) 功率(Kw)
Q23-95C60 安徽全柴动力股份有限公司 2300 70







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  • 行驶操作:行驶按一般汽车驾驶方法进行,行驶前应将车厢回复到初始位置,同时将取力器操作手柄推至分开位置(电控系统将电磁离合器电源关闭),使取力器处于停止工作状态。
  • 作业操作:

2.1 垃圾箱的钩装作业








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(3)检查紧固液压系统中各部位的连接螺栓、接头和管箍、管夹等,并检查有无油液 渗漏现象;













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