Dongfeng 5000 liters fuel tanker

Dongfeng 5000 liters fuel tanker, Oil tank truck: also known as mobile tanker, computer tax-controlled refueller, pilot tanker, loading truck, oil tanker, puller, oil transporter, edible oil transporter, mainly used as oil The transportation and storage of derivatives (petrol, diesel, crude oil, lubricants, and coal tar). Transport medium: Suitable for the transportation of gasoline, kerosene, diesel … More Dongfeng 5000 liters fuel tanker

China milk transportation truck supplier & manufacturer

China milk transportation truck supplier & manufacturer, we can supply you dongfeng milk transportation truck, howo milk transportation truck, JAC milk transportation truck, FAW milk transportation truck, DFAC milk transportation truck, ISUZUmilk transportation truck,… We can supply you all chinese brands milk transportation truck as below: DFAC 6000 liters milk transportation truck Dongfeng 5000 liters milk transportation truck Foton 10000 liters … More China milk transportation truck supplier & manufacturer

Kaima mobile stage vehicle

  Kaima mobile stage vehicle, LED stage vehicle, Mobile Stage Performance Vehicle, Commercial business showing & advertising Vehicle, vehicle for Concerts, Shows and Exhibitions, Entertainment, ….we are the supplier and manufacturer of such stage vehicle/ truck, we can offer you the brand Dongfeng, Howo, Jac, FAW, Isuzu, JMC, Sinotruk…. 主要包括底盘部分和上装部分两大部分,上装部分由顶板侧板底板组成,而侧板和顶板分别由四个液压油缸控制展开即成舞台的台顶,底板展开四个液压油缸控制成舞台,省去传统搭台程序,省时省力操作简便安全可靠,功能齐全,外观美观。该车已获国家专利。 The main part includes two parts: the chassis part and … More Kaima mobile stage vehicle

Dongfeng D series 40000 liters refrigerated truck

Dongfeng D series Refrigerated Truck, Dongfeng 40 cbm refrigerator truck, also we call freezer truck, Frozen & Chilled Delivery‎ vehicle, Cold Chain Logistics‎, cold trucks reefer transportation, Reefer Trucks, we are the manufacturer & supplier from China. We can supply you Dongfeng Refrigerated Truck, Howo Refrigerated Truck, JAC Refrigerated Truck, FAW Refrigerated Truck, Isuzu Refrigerated Truck, Foton Refrigerated Truck,… Inner view of the Meat hook refrigerated … More Dongfeng D series 40000 liters refrigerated truck