JAC 120 horse power mobile food truck

JAC 120 horse power mobile food truck


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Food truck professor – factory direct – years experience –

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we have many food trucks export to Dubai, just give your truck need details, i will quickly quote for you, always the best quality and price. Contact me, never let you down.

we do many food truck each month,
we know more about food truck,
we export to UAE many……
we have ehriched experience.

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BENNY / manager assistant
Tel : 0086 722 7169251
Fax: 0086 722 7169252
Ph : 0086 188 72992009(whatsapp)
Email: sales@runtrucks.cn

JAC 120 Pferd Macht mobile Lebensmittel LKW


1. selling snacks,as a fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food
2. kitchen cart which you can make food for yourself
3. shop which you can sell phone card and phone
4. aid post which you can help everyone
5. book store which you can sell newspaper , magazine etc
6. housing when you have a trip by car or jeep
7. repare shop to main for your clients
8. empty cart which do it by yourself

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