Isuzu Truck with Crane

Isuzu Truck with Crane, here today i will show the main Isuzu truck with crane models made in China.

Truck models: Isuzu 100P, Isuzu 600P, Isuzu700P, Isuzu FTR, Isuzu FVZ, Isuzu Giga

Crane Brand: Sany Palfinger, XCMG, CX, Chengli, Shimei,

The first one, Isuzu 100P truck with 2 tons crane:

Second, Isuzu 600P with Sany Palfinger 3.2 tons crane SPS80000

Isuzu 600P single-row cab, Isuzu 4KH1CN5HS (130 horsepower) engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, with air conditioning, steering assist, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 700R16 tires,

SANY Palfinger 3.2 ton 4-section straight boom truck-mounted crane, crane model: SPS8000, maximum lifting height: 11.9 meters, maximum working radius 10.4 meters, lower operation, additional rear outriggers: fixed rear outriggers (outriggers) The distance does not exceed the carriage), hydraulic single-chamber outrigger (expanding distance 3.5 meters), hydraulic double-chamber outrigger (expanding distance 4.25 meters),

Third, Isuzu 700P with 5 tons XCMG crane SQS125

Qingling Isuzu 700P National VI single-row cab, 4HK1-TCG61 Isuzu diesel engine, power 139KW, 190 horsepower, Isuzu 6-speed gearbox, front axle 4 tons, rear axle 7 tons, 235/75R17.5 vacuum tires, with Air conditioner, with direction boost, ABS anti-lock device, air brake. Total weight: 10550kg, rated weight: 4550kg, curb weight: 5805kg, 3 persons in the cab.

The XCMG 5-ton crane, model SQS125, is divided into a 5-ton three-section straight-arm crane and a 5-ton four-section straight-arm crane. It is operated downward and has a 360-degree full rotation. This crane is more suitable for lifting cargo with a tonnage of about 2 to 4 tons.

Next time, i will write some bigger truck Isuzu FTR, Isuzu Giga truck with 10 tons, 12 tons, 14 tons 16 tons cranes…

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