Hot selling fog cannon for agriculture water mist sprayer cannon

Description of fog cannon we make:

The biggest feature of the fog cannon machine is “dust reduction, dust suppression, dust removal”.And it can be widely used in construction sites, land sites, landscaping fruit and vegetable planting, airport terminals, material transportation, mining, mining and mining enterprises and many other aspects.

The principle of dust reduction of fog cannon machine:
The principle of the fog cannon machine is to send water to the end of multiple spray ports through the pipeline system,using high-pressure wind turbines, make the water in the form of mist,spraying far away,a large number of airborne the misty water droplets bring various pollutants in the range to the ground, thus achieving the effect of dust reduction and dust removal.


Applications of Fog cannons we make:

01 Enviromental protection:

City pm2.5/10 dust control, disinfection epidemic prevention, city demolition, odor control at waste disposal and landfill sites, humidifying, cooling and dust control on construction sites, etc.

02 Industry dust suppression

Open pit mining blasting / digging / load and transport dust, port material storage yard dust, wharf bulk ships loading and unloading dust, Iron & steel plat stockpile & slag disposal dust, power plat coal storage yard dust. Coal mine crushing dust, Haul roads dust, storage and handling of bulk material dust. etc…

3. Agriculture Protection:

The water mist cannon can used for pest control in agriculture, orchard, garden areas, farmland, forest, road greening, grassland, etc…

More details about the FOG CANNON, please turn to:

From 30 meters to 120 meters spraying distance we make.

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