Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck

Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck

Guide: Futian Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck, 2.8m blue brand refrigerated truck price ¥55,000, Dongan 115 horsepower engine, blue brand urban road, support small installment, support zero down payment car purchase, please call our customer service VX for details Same number: +86 18872992009

Chassis configuration Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck

The appearance is a mini-truck van refrigerated truck, the outer dimensions are 4955×1720×2455 (mm), the inner dimensions of the car body are: 2795×1545×1535 (mm), the total weight of the vehicle is 2545kg, and the rated load Mass: 795kg. It is a refrigerated truck that can be boarded with a blue brand, and it can travel in urban areas without restriction. The car’s chassis model: BJ1036V5JV5-D1, wheelbase: 3.07m, a total of 4 tires, tire specifications: 175R14LT, equipped with Dongan 115 horsepower gasoline engine, 5-speed gearbox, front and rear drums, oil brakes, power steering.

The streamlined design of the cab of Futian Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck conforms to the principle of aeronautics. The new crystal combination headlights are beautiful and fashionable, and are fuel-efficient and economical. The front cover of the Futian Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck can be opened to facilitate the maintenance of the engine and some parts. The Futian Xiangling V refrigerated truck has good safety performance and comfortable driving.

The Futian Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck is smaller than light trucks and has a smaller displacement. It is a gasoline mini-truck. If you are distributing refrigerated and fresh-keeping items to small supermarkets, choosing this car can fully meet your needs.

Truck body of Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck

Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck, 3070 wheelbase single row, internal dimensions of the body: 2795×1545×1535 (mm), the cargo box and the body are designed separately, the standard gantry, the side board and the bottom plate of the cargo box are thickened Design, the bottom plate rolling depth is up to 16mm, high strength, strong cargo capacity, spacious space, calm forward.

Foton Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck parameters
Vehicle name
Futian Xiangling V1 refrigerated truck
Vehicle model BJ5020XLC3JV5-02
Fuel type gasoline
engine DAM15KR Dongan 115 horsepower
Gearbox DAT18R-5 manual 5 gears
Dimensions 4960x1720x2515mm
Box size 2795x1545x1535mm (6.6 square)
Total mass 2185kg
Curb quality 1560kg
Rated contained mass 495kg
Car configuration

The body wall panels are made of 2.2mm inner and outer glass steel plates, the middle insulation layer is 80mm polyurethane insulation board materials, the body is surrounded by aluminum alloy profiles, stainless steel corners, door frames and lock trims are made of stainless steel, and the bottom plate has non-slip patterns. Aluminum plate.

Optional cooler

Different units can be selected according to the customer’s car needs, customers can choose -5℃, -10℃, -15℃, -18 to -29℃ refrigeration units, the refrigeration unit brands are domestic Hanxue, Huatai, Jinda K brand , Hanya, Kaixue and other refrigeration units, imported refrigeration unit brands are: Carrier, American Cold King. Recommend a suitable refrigeration unit according to your car needs! This model can be equipped with a “refrigeration + heating” dual-temperature unit (the control temperature range is +20°C to -18°C), which can be used in severe cold areas such as Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet!

It can also be assembled

1. Rail meat hook, T-shaped ventilation slot, open side door on the right, real-time temperature monitoring with printing device.

2. For GSP drug certification, it is necessary to install 5 ventilation slots at the front, rear, left, and right of the car body and the bottom of the car body, and a temperature and humidity recorder with a printing device!

3. Install medical waste: The inside of the box must be made of fully enclosed stainless steel, with a stainless steel closed inside lift door, install anti-virus spray device, install ultraviolet anti-virus device, install waste liquid spill box device!

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