Dongfeng tianlong 8×4 refrigerator truck

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Dongfeng tianlong 8×4 refrigerator truck, dongfeng refrigerated truck manufacturer & supplier & factory. 40 tons refrigerated truck / vehicle…

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Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated truck, vehicle model: DFH5311XLCAX1V3, chassis model: DFH1310A13, number of passengers: 3 people, Cummins ISL9.5-315E51A engine, power 232kw, 315 hp, high-top two-bedroom, directional power, cab air conditioning, ABS, central lock, electric doors and windows, 12-speed transmission, 11.00R20 wire tire, wheelbase: 1850-4600 1350, total mass 31000kg, preparation quality 13650kg, rated load 17220kg, vehicle size: 11980 x 2550 x 3990 (mm), body size: 9400 x 2400 x 2450 (mm), yellow card: inside and outside glass, 8cm high density polyurethane insulation, the base plate is non-slip patterned aluminum plate, the rear door lock is stainless steel. Refrigeration unit: domestic -15 degrees (frozen) temperature can be adjusted.

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Refrigerated vehicles are used to transport frozen or fresh goods, closed-end van transport vehicles, refrigeration units equipped with refrigeration units and polyurethane heat insulation special transport vehicles, often used to transport frozen food (frozen vehicles), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles) and so on.

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According to the customer’s car needs to choose different units, customers can choose -5 degrees C, -10 degrees C, -15 degrees C, -18 to -20 degrees C refrigeration units, refrigeration unit brand has domestic Jinda K brand, Hanya, Hanxue, Huatai, Ssonghan, Kai Xue, super cool. Such as refrigeration units, imported refrigeration unit brand is: The United States Carrier, the United States cold king. Refrigeration units are divided into independent units and sub-units! It is recommended that you call the professional sales staff to recommend the appropriate refrigeration unit according to the needs of your car! This model is optional “cooling and heating” dual-temperature unit (control temperature range of s20 to -18 degrees C)

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Box: polyurethane foam insulation material (imported / domestic), the use of the latest “sandwich” process production, insulation performance, the fight against strength is currently optimal! Refrigeration unit: Henan Huatai unit, Yan Han Xue, Shanghai Songhan, the United States Carrier, South Korea Hana-based!

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