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Dongfeng sewage suction and cleaning truck 01

3、清洗部分配备原装意大利HPP ELS122/160进口高压泵:流量160L/min,压力16MPa,可选装国产天津通洁3N2-S大压力高压泵:流量170L/min,压力24MPa。另此车配备60米φ19耐高压PVC夹层高压管及十个不同型号的喷头,可有效适应不同大小不同距离的市政管道、工业排污管道的清洗与疏通。

Dongfeng sewage suction and cleaning truck 02

This vehicle is a multi-purpose product that can pump urban septic tanks, sewer sludge, and pipe sediments. It can also be used to clear the dead corner of the pipeline. Industrial drain pipes, wall cleaning, etc. The car is compact and can be driven on a blue card. It can be driven by a C1 driver’s license and can be driven in the city.
1. Adopt Dongfeng EQ1041SJ3BDF/1730 single row cab chassis, 3308 wheelbase, Yuchai 115 horsepower and five engines.
1.8 ton front axle, 3.5 ton rear axle, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, with direction assistance, ABS, electric windows and doors, central locking, air conditioning.
2. Suction tank: The volume is 4 cubic meters and it is made of 4MM high quality carbon steel. Clear water tank: 1.5 cubic meters, made of 4mm high quality carbon steel.
3, the cleaning part is equipped with the original Italian HPP ELS122/160 imported high-pressure pump: flow 160L / min, pressure 16MPa, optional domestic Tianjin Tong Jie 3N2-S high pressure high pressure pump: flow 170L / min, pressure 24MPa. The car is equipped with a 60-meter φ19 high-pressure PVC sandwich high-pressure pipe and ten different types of nozzles, which can effectively adapt to the cleaning and dredging of municipal pipes and industrial sewage pipes of different sizes and different distances.
4. The suction part is made of Shandong SK-6 water circulation vacuum pump, the maximum pumping speed is 6m3/min, and the vertical suction stroke is 9-10 meters. Compared with the traditional rotary vane vacuum pump, the structure is compact, the suction is strong, the work is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. With a fecal window, hand washing device, a 7 m φ102 suction tank. The back cover can be opened and the tank can be lifted.

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