Dongfeng Food Class Stainless Steel Fresh Milk Transportation Truck


1. Milk transport truck main use:
Milk truck is also called milk transport truck, milk transport trailer, milk tanker trailer, milk tanker, milk tank truck, milk tank truck, milk truck tank, liquid food truck, selling food truck, etc. Which is mainly used for load and transport liquid food, milk, water, etc.

2. Milk transport truck structure:
Chassis, tanker body, insulation layer, cleaning device, if the transporting distance more than 500km, you need to add a small refrigerator.

3. Milk transport truck advantages:
Good heat-insulation effect: Reach 24± 2-3° C
Material: 304 stainless steel
With cleaning device: So the milk tank could clean body by itself.


Milk truck remark:

1.Transport medium :liquid food,density:680kg/m3,thermal insulators thinkness:80mm.
2.Different chassis with different cab


1, 6-8ton milk transport truck
2, milk transport truck with good heat-insulation effect: Above 24 degrees celsius
3, factory price

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