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Butt-type (docking type ) garbage truck, also known as garbage compression station butt-type garbage truck: is used for urban waste compression station in the garbage transfer, unloading the operation of the special car to that.

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3 units of this docking style 12 cbm garbage truck delivered to Sichuan Province china.

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CLW brand dongfeng docking garbage truck – side picture.

The vehicle operating system is a hydraulic control system to complete, control mode can be manual or electric start control. The compressed refuse bin is compressed into blocks and the garbage box is lifted vertically. And open the compressed box drain door, when the garbage truck case back up rotation open, garbage truck back door and compression box back door docking, after the garbage block is compressed into the box in the push board level to the garbage truck body, complete garbage loading after the garbage truck closed back door, The rubbish is transported to refuse disposal for dumping.


The transfer mode of the garbage truck is widely used in the domestic garbage compression station garbage transport, can realize a car more stations, greatly reducing the cost and space and so on. The function of the special device is driven by the automobile engine, which is realized by the manual or electric control of the hydraulic mechanism and gas control.

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The box of the vehicle adopts the high quality carbon steel plate sealed welded structure, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight and no pollution of two times.

UP structure ( Modified part) :

The use of national standard thickness of WISCO high quality carbon plate, side three-bottom four skeleton carriages, skeleton carriages in accordance with the maximum tolerance pressure of the outer frame-type optimization design. longitudinal, crossbeam skeleton and roof skeleton all adopt high quality steel pressure, pull molding. Equipped with hydraulic equipment, the driver in the cab to complete the garbage loading and unloading work. Made: 5.2 meters long, 2.1 meters wide, 1.45 meters high, volume of 12 cubic garbage box body, side protection and the lower part of the protective device material material: Q235, connection mode: The left and right side and rear protection are welded joints, the rear section size (mm): 240x50x5; The lower part of the protective device from the ground height: 500mm.

Many brand we can do in China, like dongfeng Butt Type garbage truck, Howo Butt Type garbage truck, Isuzu Butt Type garbage truck, FAW Butt Type garbage truck, JAC Butt Type garbage truck, JMC Butt Type garbage truck…the garbage box capacity from 5 cbm to 10cbm , 20 cbm..

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