Dongfeng D9 refrigerated van truck for transport of Chicken and pigs

Dongfeng D 9 Livestock and poultry transporter box for all stainless steel insulation structure, external part of the FRP decorative board; 1, layered loading mechanism: The box standard 2 layers of layered loading mechanism, through the hydraulic system, to achieve the lifting of the partition, each layer of the Diaphragm configuration column partition. 2, feeding system. It is composed of liquid food box, pipe pump, pipe, feeding nozzle, etc., to realize the transportation and feeding of liquid food. 3, constant temperature system. By the car chiller, heater, gas mixed conveyor silo, box exhaust fan and so on, to achieve the survival of piglets in the space gas circulation and constant temperature. 4, sewage collection system. It is composed of diversion tank, sewage collection box and so on to collect piglet urine faeces. 5, Access. The back door automatically expands through the hydraulic system to form a channel for piglets to enter and exit the box, with guardrails. 6, power supply system. Equipped with micro-generator, to power the relevant equipment.

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