Dongfeng 153 dust suppression truck , pestcide spraying truck

Dongfeng 153 dust suppression truck 01

Dongfeng 153 dust suppression truck, 190 horsepower cummis diesel engine, euroIII emission standard. Dongfeng 153 old cab, white color. 100 kw diesel generator set and 100m fog cannon and 8cbm water tank.

Dongfeng 153 dust suppression truck 03

This dust suppression truck is designed for the fruit grow company for pestcide spraying. And the truth is that, this truck is very good for the nowadays argriculture growing, like fruit growing, vegetable growing, and someothers like gardening, flowing,…we can add the pesticide into the water tank, and we have a stirring device to make it evenly in the tank and good effective through the fog cannon spraying.

Dongfeng 153 dust suppression truck 02

Dust suppression truck, if we use it into pestcide spraying area we can call it pestcide spraying truck, Drug spraying vehicle. Transport variety of pesticides, use the principle of fan to achieve the best effect of atomization and spraying pesticides.

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