Dongfeng 145 6 cbm tank fecal suction truck

Product Description
The main technical parameters of Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck
Product name:
Dongfeng 145
7550X2470X2980 (mm)
Chassis model:
Cargo compartment size:
XX (mm)
Total quality:
10495 (Kg)
Approach / departure angle:
25/18 (DEG)
Rated quality:
4500 (Kg)
Front suspension rear suspension:
1205/2395 (mm)
Kerb mass:
5800 (Kg)
Maximum speed:
90 (km/h)
Truck note:
Effective tank volume: 6.75 cubic meters, the size (length * * long short axis) (mm): 4200 x 2000 x 1200. With the optional chassis cab. The side protection Cold-Formed Channel /Q235-A, bolt connection. After the protection of Cold-Formed Channel /Q235-A, bolt connection. After the door section height 120mm, width of the section size 50mm, edge height 530mm.
Chassis parameters of Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck
Chassis model:
The type of fuel:
diesel oil
Axis number:
Front track:
1900 (mm)
Three thousand nine hundred and fifty
Rear wheel:
1800 (mm)
The cab ride number:
Number of spring:
Tire number:
Axle load:
Tire specifications:
Emission standard:
GB3847-2005 GB17691-2005, the third stage
Engine parameter
Engine production enterprises:
Displacement (ML):
Power (kW):
ISBE185 30
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
ISDe160 30
ISDe180 30
ISDe185 30
B190 33
B170 33


Effective tank volume: 6.75 cubic meters, the size (length * * long short axis) (mm): 4200 x 2000 x 1200. With the optional chassis cab. The side protection Cold-Formed Channel /Q235-A, bolt connection. After the protection of Cold-Formed Channel /Q235-A, bolt connection. After the door section height 120mm, width of the section size 50mm, edge height 530mm.

Tumbril special function:

The company specializing in the production of Dongfeng Cassidy tumbril, Dongfeng tumbril, Dongfeng diamond tumbril, Dongfeng 140 tumbril, Dongfeng 145 tumbril, Dongfeng 153 tumbril, liberation pointed tumbril, Dongfeng tip gasoline tumbril, users can bring their own chassis parts production plant to provide a modified.

This company produces the tumbril installing anti overflow device, prevent feces, sewage due to suck back flow to the vacuum pump system. The turtle type design, permanent deformation. Hangzhou Weilong vacuum installation assessment of the quality of the first fecal suction pump (Italy), fecal suction guiding pipe can be rotated 360 degrees, the self discharge and discharge pressure discharge, installation of the floating ball liquid level controller with electronic alarm device.

Tumbril produced by our company can be self-priming row, convenient suction, with high degree of vacuum suction, the characteristics, can meet the needs of different users in different use environments. Tumbril according to customer requirements to install sprinkler, water tank, fecal independent compartment, fecal suction and watering can, a dual-purpose car.

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Usage of Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck

Suction truck mainly for urban and rural sanitation sector suction and delivery of manure and other waste water. Suitable for pumping manure, sewage, sludge and slurry mixed with small debris suspended in the liquid, used in municipal sanitation, small medium and large industrial and mining enterprises, residential, schools, transport septic tank cleaning, pipeline cleaning dredge city, marsh plant biogas and other clean-up liquid.

Classify of Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck

Suction truck suction truck vacuum divided by function, biogas vehicles, pneumatic suction tank car. Divided by brand Dongfeng suction truck suction truck, the liberation of suction truck, suction truck Fukuda, JAC suction truck, suction truck Jiangling, Qingling suction truck, heavy truck suction truck and so on. Suction truck according to shape into a single bridge suction truck, small triaxial / top four after four suction truck, double bridge / after eight suction truck, the top four after eight suction truck, flat suction truck, suction tip truck, three suction truck.

Work principle of Dongfeng 145 fecal suction truck

Suction truck two rotary vane to the rotor, stator cavity and the fixed cap surrounded by the crescent space divided into A, B, C three parts, when the rotor rotates in the direction shown, communicating with the intake port space a constantly increasing volume, constant pressure a space decreased when the pressure a space is lower than the pressure inside the container is drawn, according to the principle of equilibrium gas pressure, the pumped gas is constantly being drawn into the suction chamber A, this time is in the process of breathing. Volume space chamber B is gradually reduced, continue to increase the pressure at this time is in the compression process. The volume communicating with the exhaust port space C is further reduced, further increasing the pressure of the space C, when the pressure is greater than the exhaust gas pressure, the compressed gas exhaust valve open, gas is pumped continuously through the oil inside the tank and discharged to the atmosphere, in the course of continuous operation of the pump, continuous suction, compression, and exhaust, so as to achieve continuous pumping, thereby stool sucked into the jar.

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Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is located in Suizhou City, which is China special automobile industry city. Our company covers an area of more than 166,000 square meters. We focus on the production of special automotive vehicles with export rights authorized by the Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Commerce. Our company is licensed as the first tanker pressure manufacturer by AQSIQ and is the only private enterprise which gos military quality system certification. Our company is also the “100 key Enterprises in Hubei Province” and “Hubei Province Two Safety Standards Enterprise”.

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Customer first, do our best to provide good quality products.

Best service, good quality products, do famous brand in the world.

Quality objectives

Implement ISO9001:2000 standard, establish and maintain and continuously improve the quality management system.

Checking Passing ratio of vehicle ≥ 95%,

100% qualified rate of vehicle. Customer satisfaction ≥ 90%, increase 1% each year within 3 years.

After service:

Provide free of charge spare parts traveling 10,000kilomter or one year( excluding wearing parts and electrical parts).Provide free of charge training, operation service.

Contact: Benny Ph. 0086 188 7299 2009

Cooperation Cases

2009 year,20 units sprayer trucks export to Kazakhstan ; 2012 year, 40 units dump trucks export to West Africa

2013 year,120 units water fire truck export to Myanmar; 2013 year, 35 units water trucks export to Congo

2014 year, 28 units fire fighting trucks export to Myanmar; 2015 year, 20 units water trucks expor to UAE

2015 year, 30 units water trucks export to South Ameirica; 2015 year, 15 units mixer trucks export to Kenya

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