Difference between stainless pump with pp pump?

Stainless steel vertical pump and pp vertical pump material difference:


*Stainless steel vertical sewage pump adopts SUS316 or titanium metal precision casting molding, no sand hole problem, the efficiency of the impeller is higher!
*PP vertical pumps are mostly made of FRPP/CPVC/CFRPP/PVDF and other rubber materials, which can resist most of the acid and alkali liquid corrosion!

Stainless steel vertical pump and PP vertical pump use difference:


1, stainless steel vertical pump is mainly used in the field of coating, anti-alkali;

2. PP vertical pump can be used to etch on the circuit board, spray coating, exhaust tower, and electrophoretic paint; fluorine plastic vertical pump is divided into vertical pump and vertical pump outside the tank: (in the tank When using, pay attention to the fact that if the syrup corrodes the stainless steel, replace the screw with a plastic or titanium material.)
Stainless steel vertical sewage pump inlet and outlet diameter, head and flow are greater than the fluoroplastic vertical pump.

Stainless steel vertical pumppp vertical pump

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