China new LM brand water fog cannon for water mist spraying

China new LM brand water fog cannon for water mist spraying


Usage Scope of Fog Cannon:

Fog gun machine belongs to industrial machinery and equipment category, fog cannon main production process and use is destined to be industrial machinery and equipment. Fog gun dust removal efficiency can also, fog gun machine in Changsha mobile dust removal operations, as well as fog cannon in construction sites, cement plants, mines and other places used more widely.


Features of Fog Cannon:

1, strong wind, shooting Chengyuan, covering a wide range, high efficiency, movable, simple and convenient operation.
2, up and down using remote control operation (can operate in the CAB) safe and convenient.
3, can achieve constant, low capacity and ultra-low capacity, such as various forms of spray.
4, can be used three-phase 380V mains, fixed installation in the lift or concrete placement platform for use, but also ancillary diesel generator sets of power supply installed in the transport vehicle use.
Parameter details of LM 120 series Fog Cannon:
Spray Model & distance: LM-120 / 100-120 m
Patent No.: 201630487869.3
Fan Motor Power: 44/55kw
Drive Pump power: 11KW (optional import)
Pump type multistage: Centrifugal pump
Water pump Flow: (m³/h)
Up and down spraying angle range: -10°-55°
Left and right spraying angle range: 0°-360°
Power supply voltage: 380V 50Hz
Noise level ca.: 63 DB (20MT)
Number of nozzles: 80 (optional imported central nozzle)
Water Mist fineness: 10 ~150 (Micron)
Water Filtration Precision: 250/60 (micron/mesh)
Remote control distance : 100 (m)
Auxiliary Generator set Diesel: 150KW
Operating Ambient temperature: 0°~ 55°
Mute Generator cover Noise cotton
Weight : 1650 (KG)
LONG * wide * high : 2300x1500x2600 (mm)
Advantages of LM series Fog Cannon:
1, the configuration of high-quality pumps, nozzles, motors, stable performance, safe and reliable, can be used for a long time harsh environment, water resistance corrosion and rust.
2, spray speed, high range (far), penetrating and adhesion is good, covering a large area, small fog particles, with the floating dust contact, the formation of a damp mist, can quickly suppress dust;
3, according to customer requirements, the deployment of trailers, water tanks, diesel generators, all kinds of light truck, or to provide customers with configuration recommendations;
The application scope of the Fog gun machine:
1. Coal dressing, mining area, coal yard, port coal field, power plant, steel mill, coke and other dust pollution treatment.
2, demolition of the building site, water dams, highway bridges and other dust, cooling.
3, garbage yards and natural disasters after the large area of disinfection, epidemic prevention.
Multifunctional fog Bao, equipped with Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. self-developed production of Fog gun, both green spraying, fire emergency, dust removal, spray disinfection and other functions, remote control, easy to use.
LM fog cannon Models:
LM 40, LM 50, LM 60, LM 70, LM 100, LM 120
and the corresponding spraying distance are 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 80m, 100m.
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