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China milk transportation truck supplier & manufacturer, we can supply you dongfeng milk transportation truck, howo milk transportation truck, JAC milk transportation truck, FAW milk transportation truck, DFAC milk transportation truck, ISUZUmilk transportation truck,…

We can supply you all chinese brands milk transportation truck as below:


DFAC 6000 liters milk transportation truck


Dongfeng 5000 liters milk transportation truck


Foton 10000 liters 2 axles milk transportation truck


FAW 12000 liters 2 axles milk transportation truck


Foton ETX 15000 liters 3 axles milk transportation truck


Dongfeng 20000 liters 4 axles milk transportation truck


FAW 25000 liters 4 axles milk transportation truck

Usages of milk transportation truck:
The tank material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The tank and the tank body are finely ground. The tank body can be equipped with thermal insulation and cooling functions. Can transport a variety of chemical raw materials, milk products, oil products and liquid food transportation.
Efficient of milk transportation truck
According to the needs of the tank can be set to multiple positions, can be loaded at any time a variety of media, pumping can be achieved, over the table, but the table, self-flow through the table and other functions.
Classified by brand of milk transportation truck
Dongfeng Fresh Milk Transporter, Liberated Fresh Milk Transporter, Futian Fresh Milk Transporter, JAC Fresh Milk Transporter, etc.
Safe Economy of milk transportation truck
The vent valve is set at the top of the pot to enable automatic adjustment to reduce evaporation loss of the liquid and to prevent deformation of the liquid filling body when positive and negative pressure is generated in the tank. An electrostatic grounding plate may be provided according to the needs of the transportation medium. Add fireproof cover to prevent accidental traffic accidents due to static electricity and Mars; the amount of residual liquid in the tank is small, which meets the requirement of less than 1% of the national standard; more optional components; optional flowmeter, level gauge, safety lock Device, anti-spill device, etc. A variety of configurations, a variety of options to meet market demand.
Fresh milk transporter conversion configuration: The tank structure is divided into insulation layer protection layer, insulation layer and tank three layers.
one. The tank body can be made of food grade 304 stainless steel. The tank body can be made into 2-3 tanks. Each milk tank is provided with a washer inside a cip (cleaning device) tank.
Second, the middle of the tank is a thermal insulation layer, which has a thermal insulation effect to prevent the fresh milk from deteriorating. The 30-degree temperature difference does not exceed 1 degree in 24 hours. Insulation material is 80 (mm) thick polyurethane foam insulation.
Third, the outer layer of the can (insulation layer protection layer) uses 2mm 304L stainless steel plate. The outer skin and trunk of the stainless steel are beautifully shaped. The whole body is beautiful in appearance, scientific in structure, light in weight and good in strength.
Fourth, there is a separate discharge port (self-flow port) and feed port (tank port) in each single-chamber.
Fifth, optional refrigerator, rock wool insulation, exhaust gas circulation heating, install stainless steel pump, so that the vehicle has a suction function.
Before March 1, 2012, the provincial department of industry and informationization shall, together with the traffic management department of the public security organ, complete the investigation of large and medium-sized vans that have not yet been manufactured or have been manufactured but have not been sold in accordance with national standards and relevant regulations. .
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that recently, serious and severe road traffic accidents have occurred frequently. From the analysis of accident investigations, there are management and operational problems such as overcrowding, overspeeding, illegal loading, and fatigue driving, as well as the safety technical performance problems of large and medium-sized passenger trucks.
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology put forward clear requirements for the safety configuration of trucks. “Dangerous goods transport vehicles and trucks with a total mass of more than 12 tons shall be equipped with retarders or other auxiliary braking devices. The dangerous goods transport vehicles shall be equipped with a speed limiting device, and the maximum speed setting for speed limiting devices shall not exceed 80 kilometers. Wheels should be equipped with disc brakes;
Trucks with a total mass of more than 12 tons and trailers with a length of more than 8 meters shall be provided with tailgate signboards that comply with national standards. Vans and van trailers shall be equipped with reflective body-reflector markings that comply with the requirements.
All trucks shall be sprayed with total quality parameters on both sides of the cab, semi-trailer tractors with maximum allowable traction quality parameters, and the height of the rails shall be applied to the trucks and dump trucks. Tank cars and trailers shall also be in tanks. The height of the sprayed can body and the types of items allowed to be shipped, font height is not less than 80 mm. ”

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