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洒水车产品又称绿化洒水车、多功能洒水车、喷洒车、拉水车、运水车,主要用于城市道路、大型厂区、园林等单位清洁路面、防尘、美化环境等作用。 洒水车产品配置:前冲(喷)、后能洒、带侧喷(花洒)、带后工作平台、平台上安装绿化洒水高炮,配备全国质量领先的大功率专用洒水泵,带消防接头,带自流阀,带自吸功能。

Sprinkler products are also known as green sprinklers, multi-function sprinklers, sprayers, pull-pullers, and water transport trucks. They are mainly used for cleaning roads, dust-proofing, and beautifying environments in urban roads, large-scale factory areas, and gardens. Sprinkler product configuration: front flush (spray), rear sprinkler, side spray (shower), rear working platform, green sprinkler gun installed on platform, equipped with national quality leading high-power special sprinkler pump, with fire connector With self-flow valve, with self-priming function.

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The basic composition of the sprinkler: anti-rust tank, power take-off, drive shaft, special self-priming sprinkler, pipe network, spray outlet, working platform, and second-class chassis.

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Sprinkler sprinkler function description:
The sprinkler is equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round-headed punching nozzle, a cylindrical open-spray nozzle or a showerhead nozzle at the back, and a working platform at the rear, equipped with a water cannon. Eight nozzles (optional) can be installed at the rear.
The water sprayer is generally used for flushing the street and plays a role of dust removal and cooling. The water sprayer can change the spraying direction and angle of the water sprayer by adjusting the nozzle thread. The water spray gun can be used for urban and rural landscape greening and emergency firefighting. Lian Peng mouth can be poured down the middle of the road to the dust from the sprinkler, play a role in cleaning the air.

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Chassis manufacturers,
Jiangnan Sprinkler, Chengli Sprinkler, Nanjun Sprinkler, Dongfeng Sprinkler, Jiefang Sprinkler, Futian Sprinkler, JAC Sprinkler, Hualing Sprinkler, Shaanxi Auto Sprinkler, Heavy Duty Sprinkler, Beiben Sprinkler, etc. Wait.
Classified by brand
Dongfeng sprinkler, liberation sprinkler, Auman sprinkler.
According to the shape classification
Single bridge sprinkler, double bridge sprinkler, flat sprinkler, tip sprinkler.
Classified by category
Cassidy Sprinkler, Dolika Sprinkler, Sanpingcha Water Sprinkler, 145 Sprinkler, 153 Sprinkler, 1208 Sprinkler, and Dragon Sprinkler.

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