China Foton Food Truck manufacturer,supplier,factory

China Foton Food Truck manufacturer,supplier,factory,

Today i will recommended series of Foton mobile food truck from China manufacturer.

The same names of food truck like food cart, food vehicle, food trailer, food displayer, 4 wheels of food truck,….all these are the kitchen equipments mounted on the truck to sell any instant foods or snacks like icecreams,coffe,cool & hoot drinks,hot dogs,noodles,Kebabs,or some other Cooked food.

Foton truck brand is Chinese famouse truck brand, many years in China, well and popular accepted in our domestics market, and also in the worldwide nowadays.

Here bwlow are the Foton brand food trucks for you:

  1. China Foton mobile canteen vehicle – all white color and one window on each side.

China Foton mobile canteen vehicle with all canteen equipment 01

2. Foton mobile food vehicle – deep red and white color .Foton mobile food vehicle for fast food 06

3. This foton mobile food truck is nearly whole white with just little green Ribbons in it.

GCC food TRUCK7.jpg

4. Foton new style food truck with full kitchen equipments on it.

Foton new style food truck with full equipments on it 01.jpg

5. China Foton canteen truck mobile food vehicle – Color : white,black, and yellow.

China Foton canteen truck mobile food vehicle 01.jpg

6. China Foton canteen truck mobile food vehicle – all red color body.

China Foton canteen truck mobile food vehicle.jpg

7. THis is customized cartoon Foton mobile food truck – LAVAZZA ICECREAM


8. THe photo of Foton mobile food truck and the buyer in our food truck factory.


9. Good design of fast food sell truck with green and yellow color – China foton food truck.


10. Yellow and red color – China foton food truck.


The last i give the basic truck parameters of this Foton truck chassis.

Model SCS5051XFT
Driving Type 4x 2(Left hand drive)
Chassiss Brand FOTON
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Engine 75HP PETROL
Size 4600*1800*2500
Tyre 165R13, 4pcs
Material stainless steel interior

Next time i will give more details introduction of the kitchen equipments including:

Air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, inverters, lighting equipment, freezers, fresh display cabinets, hand basins, ventilation fans, hamburger machines, beverage machines, hot dogs, Pissa, microwave ovens, ovens, ice cream machines, juicer, etc.

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