China dongfeng 25T 20cbm compactor garbage truck

China dongfeng 25T 20cbm compactor garbage truck, 3 axles, 10 wheels, 20 cbm capacity garbage tanker.

Hubei Longma 20 cbm compression garbage truck factory, with bidirectional peristalsis compression function, the unique standby pressure valve and hydraulic oil pilot filter, leading in the forefront of the market, swing arm rear-flip structure with 4 square garbage bucket, functional diversification to meet customer requirements.

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压缩垃圾车主要性能及特点:Main performance and characteristics of compressed garbage truck:
1、电、液联合控制 该车的控制系统综合利用了电控和液控的优点,通过电控系统控制液压阀组,提高了使用可靠性和效率。The control system of electric and hydraulic combined control of the vehicle utilizes the advantages of electric control and liquid control, and the hydraulic valve group is controlled by the electronic control system, which improves the reliability and efficiency of the operation.
2、发动机功率输出自动控制 发动机功率输出控制即油门控制可通过电气系统实现全自动控制,满足垃圾压填循环和推挤卸料时对功率的要求,在其它工况下,发动机自动处于怠速状态,可减少功率损耗和故障发生率,降低耗油,提高使用经济性。the engine power output automatic control engine power output controls namely the throttle control may realize the automatic control through the electrical system, to meet the requirements of garbage filling cycle and pushing unloading power, under other conditions, the engine automatically in idle state, can reduce power loss and failure rate, reduce fuel consumption, improve the use of economy.
3、框架结构 垃圾箱采用加强梁和钢板焊接而成牢固的框架结构,侧面和顶面为圆弧曲面,外形美观,重量轻,受力好,不变形;推铲由矩管骨架和折面板构成,不仅结构轻巧,又能使垃圾均匀分布,卸料干净彻底;填装器主要由填装. The Frame structure trash box uses strengthens the beam and the steel plate welding to become the solid frame structure, the side and the top surface are arc curved surface, the appearance is beautiful, the weight is light, the force is good, does not deform; The shovel is composed of the moment tube skeleton and the folding panel, not only the structure is lightweight, but also can make the rubbish distribute evenly, discharge the material clean thoroughly; +86 18872992009 whatsapp & wechat

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