China all brands truck with different cranes, China truck with crane factory & manufacturer

China all brands truck with different cranes, China truck with crane factory & manufacturer. Today we will show you many different brands trucks with different cranes mounted on them. Nearly here are the most you can find in China.

  1. 重汽王牌国五3.2吨随车吊:玉柴115马力发动机,5档带副变速箱,7.50-16尼龙胎,5吨后桥,200发梁,短气刹,动转,徐工3.2吨3节臂吊机,车厢3.5m,精品车型。Heavy Truck Ace Tier 3.5 Tonne Truck Mounted: Yuchai 115-horsepower engine, 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox, 7.50-16 nylon tire, 5 tons rear axle, 200 rounds of beam, short air brake, dynamic transfer, XCMG 3.2 tons 3 Jib crane, compartment 3.5m, boutique models.

重汽HOWO3800轴距随车吊,康机154马力,万里杨6档变速箱,2080宽体单排驾驶室,前后桥2.7/7.2T,8.25R-16钢丝胎,电窗,中控,ABS,空调,有燃油、环保,选装3-6T吊机,咨询电话:18872992009 Heavy-duty HOWO3800 wheelbase crane, Kang Machine 154 hp, Wan Liyang 6-speed gearbox, 2080 wide-body single-row cab, front and rear axle 2.7/7.2T, 8.25R-16 wire tire, electric window, central control, ABS ,air conditioning, fuel, environmental protection, optional 3-6T crane, telephone number: 18872992009

2. 东风天锦一拖二道路清障车,康机180马力,6档变数箱,900R20钢丝胎,断气刹,原装空调配置徐工6.3吨吊机,6吨拖臂平板配5吨卷扬。Dongfeng Tianjin dragged two road wreckers, Concord 180 horsepower, 6-speed variable box, 900R20 wire tires, broken brake, original air-conditioning configuration XCMG 6.3 tons of cranes, 6 tons of trailing arm plate with 5 tons of winches.

3. 唐骏国五篮牌随车吊:T3新车身,云内95马力,5档箱,7.00R16钢丝胎。装程力2吨直臂式吊机,有环保有燃油!Tang Junguo’s five-card license truck crane: T3 new body, 95 horsepower in the cloud, 5 gear box, 7.00R16 wire tire. 2 tons of arm-mounted crane, with environmental protection fuel!

4. 重汽斯太尔前四后八随车吊,德国曼340马力发动机,正宗国五,重汽10档变速箱带高低速,5吨前桥13吨后桥,11.00R20钢丝胎,300mm加强型双层大梁,加长外包三层,豪华驾驶室,自动空调,Heavy truck Steyr four-eighth with the car crane, Germany Mann 340 horsepower engine, authentic country five, heavy truck 10 speed gearbox with high and low speed, 5 tons front axle 13 tons rear axle, 11.00R20 wire tire, 300mm reinforced type Double decker, extended outsourcing three floors, luxury cab, automatic air conditioning,,

5. 东风柳汽乘龙,玉柴180马力,8档变速箱,153后加强型后桥,10.00R20钢丝胎,282双层大梁,原厂取力器,ABS。加强三一8吨4节臂吊机。欢迎来电咨询:18872992009

Dongfeng Liuqi by Long, Yuchai 180 hp, 8-speed gearbox, 153 enhanced rear axle, 10.00R20 wire tire, 282 double beam, original power take-off, ABS. Strengthen the three-one 8-ton 4-arm crane. Welcome to inquire: 18872992009

Dongfeng liuqi red truck with changxing crane.

6. 江淮篮牌随车吊:2071单排骏铃V6驾驶室,云内156马力发动机,六安6档变速箱,1092后桥(8吨)8.28R16钢丝胎,216mm大梁(8mm)厚,ABS,断气刹,中控锁,原厂空调,电动门窗,铝合金油箱。装2-3.2吨各类型吊机。上蓝牌,C照可开。动力大,配置高JAC Basket Truck Crane: 2071 Single Row Bell V6 Cab, Yunai 156 HP Engine, Liuan 6 Speed Transmission, 1092 Rear Bridge (8 Ton) 8.28R16 Wire Tyre, 216mm Beam (8mm) Thick, ABS, Air brake, central control lock, original air conditioning, electric doors and windows, aluminum alloy fuel tank. 2-3.2 tons of various types of cranes installed. Blue card, C can be opened. High power, high configuration

江淮格尔发单桥随车吊,正宗国五,轴距5米,潍柴160马力发动机,法士特小8档变速箱,250mm双层发梁,9吨后桥,1000-20钢丝胎,装三一7吨4节直臂式吊机,工作半经12米,举升高度14.7米,货箱尺寸5.8米。JAC Gehra Single Bridge with Crane, Authentic State V, Wheelbase 5m, Weichai 160hp engine, Fast 8th gearbox, 250mm double beam, 9T rear axle, 1000-20 wire tire , Loading 31 tons of 4 section straight arm crane, working half 12 meters, lifting height of 14.7 meters, container size 5.8 meters.

7. 东风福瑞利国五篮牌随车吊:云内130马力发动机,前桥2.7吨,后桥7.5吨,8.25R16刚丝胎,长泰8档变速箱,带高底速。装2、3.2吨吊机。货箱可带自卸功能!Dongfeng Furuili’s five-basket car hoist: Yunnei’s 130-horsepower engine, 2.7-ton front axle, 7.5-ton rear axle, 8.25R16 bare-wire tire, Changtai 8-speed gearbox with high bottom speed. Install 2 and 3.2 tons of cranes. Cargo container with self-unloading function!

8. 国五东风后八轮12吨折臂吊,带钻头。5分钟一个洞,高效率。适合园林栽种,电力施工,石油化工等各领域。厂家咨询电话:18872992009 After the 5th National Dongfeng, the 12-ton 12-ton folding crane with drill. A hole of 5 minutes, high efficiency. Suitable for gardening, power construction, petrochemical and other fields. Manufacturers Tel: 18872992009

9. 楚风后八轮平板带吊,玉柴270马力,法士特12档变速箱,11.00R20钢丝胎,上装长兴10吨四节臂吊机,单腔液压后支腿!Chufeng brand after eight rounds of flat belt hanging, Yuchai 270 horsepower, Fast 12-speed gearbox, 11.00R20 wire tires, coat Changxing 10 tons four-arm crane, single-cavity hydraulic legs!

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