Chengli cooperate with Korea for snow removal equipment


Headline: China and South Korea to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, to build the world’s largest snow-removing equipment engineering vehicle manufacturing Base—chengli automobile Group and South Korea Co., Ltd. reached a strategic framework agreement.

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Chinese culture, Chinese elements have a long history of Wonderful Unlimited, is the world’s best culture and civilization, is the birthplace of human civilization, the development of a bright gem, Korea Company’s peers into the Chengli Hall, was the world’s eight wonders of the bells shock attracted, posing as the first thing to communicate between the two sides, The Chinese culture has become the silent image ambassador, has narrowed the distance between each other, enhanced the affinity. Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Cheng (left six), on March 2 Lantern Festival on the day in the busy schedule to take time to receive South Korea Co., Ltd. President Li Qi (right four) a line of VIP and business investigators, the general manager of the Group assistant Zhaobao (left five), Chengli Dust Truck Professional Factory director Package youth (left four) and related to the full participation in the reception exchanges.

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“元宵良辰共佳节,海阔天涯明月升”, 正当中国人民沉浸在传统元宵佳节阖家欢乐的时刻,一衣带水的邻邦韩国株式会社社长李启硕一行商务考察团,给中国最大的专汽制造企业程力集团送来了佳节最好的礼物—中韩加强技术交流合作达成全面战略合作伙伴关系,并拟定共同建设全球最大的除雪设备工程车生产基地框架协议。

“Lantern Festival, the Sea wide Tianya moon rise”, while the Chinese people immersed in the traditional Lantern Festival family happy moment, whereas’s neighbour South Korea Co., Ltd. President Li Qi a line of business delegation, To China’s largest auto manufacturing enterprise Cheng Li Group sent the best gift of the festival—Sino-South Korea to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation to reach a comprehensive strategic partnership, and the joint construction of the world’s largest snow removal equipment Engineering Vehicle Production Base Framework agreement.
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Chengli Automotive Group Chairman Cheng (main Taichung) to the distinguished guests to introduce the company’s development, welcome to come from the distinguished guest, and wish South Korea Friends business cooperation, in China Chengli a peaceful and beautiful traditional Lantern Festival day, experience the unique charm of Korean culture.
March 2 Lantern Festival to March 3 weekend for two consecutive days, South Korea Co., Ltd. President Li Qi, leading the club technical director, financial director and other business investigators, visit Chengli Automotive Group to discuss snow equipment engineering cooperation project.

程力汽车集团高层及公司党委高度重视此次外事商务活动,把融合世界一流技术,创新合作共享互利模式,作为企业提质增效、转型升级的突破口和着力点。董事长程道国先生、总经理助理赵保国、程力抑尘车专业厂厂长包青春、技术总监郑怡成,抑尘车厂营销负责人吕海沙女士、助理蒋傲雪全程参加了接待及沟通洽谈会。Chengli Automotive Group High level and the company’s party committee attaches great importance to the foreign affairs business activities, the integration of world-class technology, innovation and cooperation to share a mutually beneficial model, as enterprises to increase the quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading of the breakthrough point and focus. Chairman Cheng, General Manager Assistant Zhaobao, Chengli Dust Car Professional Factory director Package youth, technical director Zheng Yi into, Dust Suppression Depot marketing director Lu Haisha Lady, Assistant Chiang Ao Snow participated in the reception and Communication fair.

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Korea President Li Qi (right), business director Kinluru (left) for work exchange.
It is reported that Korea Co., Ltd. is the world’s most advanced equipment for snow Removal Trust International well-known enterprises, has nearly 50 years of professional research and development, manufacturing capacity, the earliest technology introduced in the Nordic Switzerland, Denmark and other international snow equipment first-class enterprises, through decades of specialized research and absorption and innovation, concentrated on snow-removing equipment and ancillary products. Korea Co., Ltd. in the Automotive loading type snow machine, sprinkle Bu, snow solvent manufacturers, snow agent storage tanks, snow-removing solvent spraying devices and many other fields has been in the world’s leading position.

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Korea Co., Ltd. Snow removal and equipment is really not to be underestimated, the strength of the show is commendable (Pictures from the PPT demo screenshot).

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Chengli Automobile Group is a leading enterprise in China for refitting and manufacturing of special vehicles, in the automotive manufacturing strength, research and development capabilities, process level, qualification and sales and other aspects of a unique obvious advantages, especially in the snow, dust suppression car field of development trends, so that the ROK Representative is very satisfied with a strong intention of cooperation.
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In Chengli company to visit the production base scene, Han Fang staff regrets, the scale of the Chengli, garden-style workshop became the city’s other scenery and stretches of the skyline.
Through on-site visits, research negotiations and in-depth communication, the final two representatives reached a comprehensive strategic partnership, and agreed to sign the framework agreement.
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The two sides in charge of Cheng executive Vice President (left), the President of the Nicholls (right) signed Snow equipment Engineering Cooperation Strategy Framework Agreement, a photo souvenir.
South Korea’s representative to the Chengli company issued a return to the end of March, the invitation of business visit in early April, the two sides will further the contract to the standard refinement, so that the implementation of cooperation projects, give full play to each other’s advantages, to build the world’s largest snow equipment engineering vehicle manufacturing base, better service


Friendly picture warm playback:

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Before eating, the investigation staff of the Chengalo found the cover of the general manager of the beautiful photo, thumbs up, straight boast good handsome, “hug Sandasmida” said a non-stop, point praise China handsome men and women are pure natural, this is the epitome of China’s great economic development.

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Before the banquet, Cheng Li, general manager of assistant Zhaobao to the company president Li Qi introduced Chengli for wine “Chengli Dream”, President Lee smell incense after tasting wine, even kua Chengli wine and Chengli car as good.

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After the signing ceremony, group photo, the two representatives of the tight grip in a period, look forward to the next meeting in Korea, will cooperate to deepen and fruitful.


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