Cheng Li Brand CL250LDS Type truck

Cheng Li Brand CL250LDS
Main technical information of truck product
Product Name: Cheng Li Brand CL250LDS Type truck Outer size (mm): 9980× 2500× 3120
Chassis model: CLW1250LDJ Cargo box size (mm): 7500× 2350× 600
Total quality (kg): 24700 Proximity / departure angle (°)
Rated quality (kg): 15155 Front suspension / rear suspension (mm):
Quality of preparation (kg): 9350 Maximum speed (km/h):
Axle load:
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: CLW1250LDJ Chassis batch:
Axis number: Fuel type:
Wheelbase (mm): Front wheelbase (mm):
Rated passenger: 15155 Posterior wheelbase (mm):
Number of tires: Number of springs:
Emission standards:
Tire specifications:
Engine parameters
Engine model Engine production enterprise Displacement (ML) Power (kw)
Other information
Special function description:
1, engine model / maximum net power (kw) / fuel consumption value: YC6A270-50/194/36.8; 2, ABS model: CM4XL-4S/4K; ABS manufacturer: Guangzhou Comet Automotive Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd.; this car is equipped with a satellite positioning function recorder; the 3. side and the rear protection device is Q235A, and the frame is welded with the frame. The section size of the rear protection device (mm) is 130 * 50, and the height of the ground is 450mm.
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