Charactoristic of Asphalt distributor truck


1、该车采用东风小多利卡底盘,灵活轻便的操纵性,靓丽大气 的外观造型,为广大城际物流客户提供安全、高效、可靠的服务;
2、根据喷洒量和作业宽度的需要,计算机可以对行列式喷嘴进行 任何形式的组合;
3 手动/自动控制方式均可以实现对每个喷嘴的单独进行控制, 从而实现了任意调节喷洒的宽度。
4 沥青的洒布控制不仅可以在驾驶室内通过智能触屏电脑完成, 也可以在车尾的操作平台上进行控制;
5 该车的自动控制系统可以测量车速并根据输入的洒布量和喷洒 宽度及沥青种类自动计算沥青泵转数从而再通过系统自动调整 沥青泵的泵数。
6 加热系统采用意大利进口燃烧器,具有自动点火和温度控制功 能;
7 采用国际先进的高粘度沥青泵,可将外部沥青泵入罐内,实现 “自吸”,也可将罐内沥青泵出;
8 整机关键部分的零部件(如液压泵、液压马达、沥青泵 QGB680、比例阀 EFBG-03-160-HF、自动控制系统 CLW-29-01 等)均采用 国际知名元件,确保整机的可靠性,提高使用寿命;
9 在保证不妨碍其它部分维修拆卸的前提下布置有各部分人梯 和扶手,方便操作;
10 所有热管外部均有隔热保温层,降低散热量的同时避免烫伤 操作人员;
11 车载式快速加热系统(10—15℃/h),可提高加热效率并减少 施工辅助时间,确保洒布温度;
12 沥青喷洒杆采用三段折叠式结构,通过上下移动洒布杆可以 实现双重或多重喷洒,通过左右移动洒布杆可以扩大洒布范围, 而且可以有效地避开障碍物;
13 手动喷洒功能可以使沥青通过手喷管进行喷洒,灵活方便, 适用于小范围及边角施工状况。接好手喷枪。开启总出油阀、开 器转驳阀、开启回油阀、利用回油阀调节喷枪的压力。
14 沥青罐体内部设有沉淀排污槽,并装有液位显示器和报警、 安全装置;
15 冲喷嘴此功能可将喷嘴剩余沥青通过柴油加高压空气吹出, 防止沥青冻结于喷嘴,可大大提高喷嘴使用寿命。关闭总出油阀、 回油阀、打开气动阀、打开自吸阀依次打开喷嘴即可
16 良好的保温层可以确保静态保温性能指数≤12℃/8 小时,且防 腐耐用;

  1. The car adopts Dongfeng Xiaodolika chassis, flexible and light maneuverability, and beautiful appearance, providing safe, efficient and reliable services for the vast number of intercity logistics customers;
  2. According to the needs of spraying volume and working width, the computer can carry out any combination of determinant nozzles;
  3. Both manual and automatic control modes can realize the individual control of each nozzle, thus realizing the arbitrary adjustment of the spraying width.
  4. Asphalt spreading control can be done not only in the cab through a smart touch-screen computer, but also on the operating platform at the rear of the vehicle;
  5. The automatic control system of the vehicle can measure the speed of the vehicle and automatically calculate the rotation speed of the asphalt pump according to the input spreading amount, spray width and asphalt type, and then automatically adjust the number of asphalt pumps through the system.
  6. The heating system adopts burners imported from Italy, with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;
  7. The international advanced high-viscosity asphalt pump can be used to pump the external asphalt into the tank to achieve “self-priming”, and the asphalt from the tank can also be pumped out;
  8. The key parts of the whole machine (such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump QGB680, proportional valve EFBG-03-160-HF, automatic control system CLW-29-01, etc.) are all internationally renowned components to ensure the Reliability, improve service life;
  9. Under the premise of ensuring that the maintenance and disassembly of other parts are not hindered, all parts of the ladder and handrails are arranged for easy operation;
  10. All heat pipes are equipped with thermal insulation layer to reduce heat dissipation while avoiding burns to operators;
  11. Vehicle-mounted rapid heating system (10-15°C/h), which can improve heating efficiency and reduce construction auxiliary time to ensure the temperature of spraying;
  12. Asphalt spraying rod adopts a three-stage folding structure, double or multiple spraying can be realized by moving the spraying rod up and down, and the spraying range can be expanded by moving the spraying rod left and right, and obstacles can be effectively avoided;
  13. The manual spraying function allows the asphalt to be sprayed through the hand nozzle, which is flexible and convenient, and is suitable for small areas and corner construction conditions. Connect the hand spray gun. Open the main delivery valve, open transfer valve, open the oil return valve, and use the oil return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun.
  14. The asphalt tank is equipped with a sedimentation sewage tank, and is equipped with a liquid level display, alarm and safety devices;
  15. Flush nozzle This function can blow the remaining bitumen from the nozzle through diesel fuel and high-pressure air to prevent the bitumen from freezing on the nozzle, which can greatly improve the service life of the nozzle. Close the main oil valve, the oil return valve, open the pneumatic valve, open the self-priming valve and open the nozzles in turn
  16. A good insulation layer can ensure that the static insulation performance index is ≤12℃/8 hours, and it is corrosion-resistant and durable;

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