Stock – Sinotruk howo 30 tons dump truck

SINOTRUK, WR-D cab, 371 hp national two engine, HW19710 gearbox, HF9 front axle, AC16 double rear axle speed ratio 6.5, ZF8118 steering machine suspension, 12.00R20 (fengshen tire) air conditioning, 400L iron fuel tank,, Sanhe New Hongchang: 5900*2500*1500 Front top domestic cylinder 4-175*4650 cylinder bottom 14 side 10 front 10 rear 12 single open material: bottomContinue reading “Stock – Sinotruk howo 30 tons dump truck”

30 units Sinotruk Steyr Dump Trucks in Stock for sales

Sinotruk Steyr Trucks in Stock: 30 sets of heavy-duty steam Steyr Euro 5 meters 6 self-unloading vehicle, factory in December 17th, the current truck color red, orange, green, gold. There is no regional limit on the card, Configuration: H72 flat-top cab; D10.38-50 engine; HW19712 transmission + HW50 direct-connected power take-off; HR9 front axle (disc); AC16Continue reading “30 units Sinotruk Steyr Dump Trucks in Stock for sales”

wanshan brand 50 tons dump truck

万山牌50吨自卸车,库存50吨自卸车,wanshan brand 50 tons dump truck 两台,载重五十吨的,一五年的库存,潍柴375马力,法士特9档,二十五吨美驰桥,厢内部尺寸,5.5’2.8’1.6。底16边14。海沃油缸。 Two sets, with a load of 50 tons, a stock of one-five years, 375 horsepower for Weichai, 9 files for Fast, 25 tons of Mercedes bridge, internal dimensions of the cabin, 5.5’2.8’1.6. Bottom 16 side 14. Hayward cylinder.