Dongfeng Frika(S) 5000L water tank truck, hot sale for Carbon steel watering truck, special transportation water truck

Water sprinkler is also named Water Tanker truck, water sprinkler truck, Pesticide spraying Truck, water fire truck, Multifunction water truck, water spray vehicle. The water sprinkler is suit to wash all kinds of road, trees, green lawn, building construction, high speed road. With multifunction, spray, anti-dust, high-low pressure spray, pesticide spraying, fire Water, guardrail cleaning and so on. The water truck also can transport water, drinking water, discharge water and emergency fire function. You may also be interested in: ===================================================== Or for more details pics about China trucks, pls click to view our offical

Dong Feng DuoLiKa Fuel truck

Technical Parameters�� Product name CLW5090GJY3 Volume(m³) Chassis model EQ1090T9ADJ3AC Overall dimension (mm) 7000��2285��2700 Gross weight (kgs) 9400 Approach angle/departure anlge (��) 3560/5840 Payload(kgs) 4990 Front overhang/rear

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