Hot selling fog cannon for agriculture water mist sprayer cannon

Description of fog cannon we make: The biggest feature of the fog cannon machine is “dust reduction, dust suppression, dust removal”.And it can be widely used in construction sites, land sites, landscaping fruit and vegetable planting, airport terminals, material transportation, mining, mining and mining enterprises and many other aspects. The principle of dust reduction of … More Hot selling fog cannon for agriculture water mist sprayer cannon

Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle

Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle 1.  Brand: Dongfeng 2. Dongfeng-15 Refrigerated truck 3. Engine: Cummins 190 horse power 4. Wheelbase: 4700mm 5. Size: 8000x2500x3000mm For the refrigerated unit, we can make the -5 ℃ & -15℃ tempreture. You can choose the right one for you, cos some friend buy it to transport fruits & vegetables, which … More Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated vehicle

Foton refrigerated truck for sales

Foton refrigerated truck for vegetables, fruits, meats, medicine, seafood, milk, icecream… we are the direct truck factory & manufacturer… please contact us for the best price and detailed parameters. ADD: Chengli Ind. Zone, Zengdu Dist., Suizhou, Hubei, China TEL: +86-722-7113456 MB:   +86 188 72992009 Web: