Basical Road Sweeper trucks in China

Dongfeng Tuyi small road sweeper
Dongfeng 5 Square Road Sweeper

Dongfeng D9 washing and sweeping truck

Changan road sweeper
Dongfeng 5 tons road sweeper
Electric four-wheel road sweeper
Dongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck

More other sweepers, please contact us via:

Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper is one of the sanitation equipments. It is a new type of high-efficiency sweeping equipment(vehicle) integrating road sweeping, garbage recycling and transportation. It can be widely used in road highways, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other roads. Dongfeng Road Sweeper, JAC Road Sweeper, Howo Road Sweeper, Changan Road Sweeper, Foton Road Sweeper, Isuzu Road Sweeper…

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