ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane
Main parameters of ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

Isuzu 6*4 Heavy Duty 12t-16t Sany Palfinger crane Truck for sale

The truck-mounted crane realizes various mechanical actions through the principle of hydraulic transmission. The power of the crane is to take out the capacity of the engine through the power take-off to drive the hydraulic oil pump to work, and the hydraulic oil pipe is connected to the hydraulic valve to achieve related functions. We can also use the oil pump motor unit to provide the power source. The oil pump motor unit drives the motor to work through 380V voltage when there is no vehicle power in the field, docks, ships, workshops, etc. If there is no external power supply, we use the generator generates power to activate the electric motor then drives the oil pump to work.

Application of ISUZU 6×4 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger crane

Widely used in urban and rural construction, road and bridge pipe network construction, landscaping projects, power equipment installation, and mall and medium-sized water conservancy construction, due to its advantageous maneuverability and rapid transfer, that integrate the functions of lifting and transportation.When working on the job site, outriggers are extended horizontally from the chassis then vertically to level and stabilize the crane while stationary and hoistin.

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