Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck 03

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck, refrigerated truck supplier & manufacturer from China.

Main Parameters of Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck.

Liuqi Single Bridge Refrigerated Vehicle, 5100 wheelbase, 6800 containers. M3 cab, Yuchai 185 hp, Shanbei small eight, 8 tons rear axle, 9.00 tires, ABS, vehicle terminals, electric glass, central locking, air conditioning.

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck 04

Dongfeng liuqi 2 axles refrigerated truck, Dongfeng liuqi 5100 wheelbase refrigerated truck, Dongfeng liuqi M3 refrigerated truck, …

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck 01

Dongfeng liuqi Refrigerated vehicles are often used to transport frozen foods (refrigerated vehicles), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), fruits and vegetables (fresh goods transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles), and so on.

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck 02

Dongfeng liuqi refrigerated truck structure:
The refrigerated truck is composed of the walking part of the chassis of the special vehicle, the heat insulation and insulation body (usually composed of polyurethane material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), the refrigeration unit, and the temperature recorder in the compartment, etc. For vehicles with special requirements, Such as meat hook car, can be installed meat hook, waist, aluminum alloy rails, ventilation slots and other optional parts.

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