五十铃600P扫路车Isuzu road sweeper truck

五十铃600P扫路车Isuzu road sweeper truck



Chassis configuration: Chongqing Isuzu State Five special chassis, 600P single row cab, equipped with Chongqing Isuzu 130 hp diesel engine, 3360mm wheelbase, five gear box, air brake, 7.00-R16 steel wire tires, dynamic transfer, clutch assistance, ABS, Air-conditioning, exhaust gas evolution system with urea tanks and national emission standards. Environmental announcements and exemption advertisements have been issued and households are free from worry.

Top loading configuration: The sweeper car uses a square box, the stainless steel water tank volume is 1.5 square, and the carbon steel alloy trash can volume is 4 square. Pure Chongqing Isuzu 54KW (74 hp) or Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw (77 hp) diesel auxiliary engine, 4 central sweeper, Italian motor, French Schneider control-dimension switch, Haipuruisi solenoid valve set, Xiamen Nancha separation clutch, Maintenance-free fan, tail LED headlight, manual emergency pump system. The maximum cleaning width of the sweeper is 3 meters and the suction particle size is 120mm. Road sweeper cleaning operation speed: 3-15 kilometers per hour, cleaning operation speed: 15-20 kilometers per hour, cleaning capacity: 45000m2 per hour. Suction capacity: 2.0g/cm2, suction strength: ≥100. Tilt angle: ≥45°, cleaning efficiency: ≥96%, braking distance (full load 30km/h): ≤10m, maximum speed: 95KM/H Minimum turning radius: 8M, climbing angle: 30°.







Optional configuration:
1 curved box

2 sucker rear

3 Optional brushless, single row sweeper, double row sweeper

4 dust suction device or single row brush plus dust suction device

5 Install green antiaircraft guns

6 Add snow shovel

7 trash box self-cleaning function








I. Front-mounted water tank isolates the high temperature and strong noise generated by the secondary hair and improves the driving comfort
II. Large capacity of water tanks and waste bins not only improves effective working time, but also eliminates the fuel consumption caused by repeated water additions and improves economic efficiency.
III. The operation is safer. The automatic alarm function of the vehicle can carry out self-inspection of the key parts of the vehicle at any time (back door switch self-test, garbage bin lift self-test, water tank low water level alarm, sub-heating water tank over-temperature alarm) to avoid in time. Misoperation and non-human factors cause damage to the vehicle

IV. High degree of user-friendly design. The full-cylinder controlled sweeping system can not only automatically adapt to various conditions of the road surface, but also can be automatically bumped, making driving easier.

V. The car provides four modes: “left sweep”, “right sweep”, “full sweep” and “sweep sweep”. The user can select the sweep speed and set the “high”, “medium”, and “low” third gears, which can better be different. Traffic conditions for cleaning

VI. Special fan for road sweeper, greater suction and less noise

VII. The shape of the entire vehicle has been screened and determined by several projects. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has more special features.


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