China dongfeng vacuum Fecal suction truck septic tank truck

吸粪车主要为抽吸和运送粪便及其它污水,具体为抽吸粪便,污水、污泥浆和混有较小悬浮杂物的液体,适用于市政环卫、大中小型工矿企业,小区、学校,化粪池清理转运,城市管道清理疏通,工厂沼液沼渣清理等。The suction truck is mainly for suction and transportation of feces and other sewage, specifically for suction feces, sewage, sludge slurry and mixed with small floating debris liquid, applicable to municipal sanitation, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, septic tank clean-up transport, urban pipeline clean-up dredging, plant biogas slurry cleaning, such as biogas residue.



The composition of the suction truck: oil-water separator, water vapor separator, special vacuum suction feces pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction tube, artesian valve, vacuum tank body, connector (depending on the stool window), automatic overflow valve.


吸粪车主要有汽车底盘,罐体,吸粪装置等组成。常用车型有东风福瑞卡,东风多利卡,140,145,后双桥,前四后八等车型。The main truck suction truck chassis, tank, suction equipment, such as the composition. Commonly used models have Dongfeng Furui, Dongfeng duolika, 140,145, rear Double axles.


按照品牌According to the brand

Dongfeng Suction Dung truck, liberation suction dung truck, futian suction dung truck, Jianghuai suction truck, heavy duty truck suction feces car, Shaanxi steam suction dung truck.
与吸粪车类似的车辆还有吸污车,清洗车,粪便收集车,废液收集车等,Similar to the suction truck vehicles and sewage vehicles, cleaning vehicles, stool collection vehicles, waste liquid collection vehicles, etc.
吸粪车可以选择的底盘品牌有东风,福田,重汽,陕汽,五十铃,江铃,唐骏,时代等著名国产品牌。Fecal Suction Truck, we can choose the chassis brand ,Dongfeng, Foton, Sinotruk, Shacman, Isuzu, JMC, T-King, Forland all well-known china brands. +86 18872992009 whatsapp & wechat

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