Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon, dust control truck manufacturer & supplier, dust control system Project Solution Provider…

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Today we will show you dongfeng 10 wheels 15 cbm water tank dust suppression truck for you.

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东风15立方多功能抑尘车上装分为雾炮、发电机组、水罐罐体三大部分,依靠环保雾炮上高速运转的风机风送原理,把罐体内的水经雾化风送到80米远的射程,喷雾抑尘,净化空气,同时具备洒水和道路冲洗功能。Dongfeng 15 cubic multifunctional dust-suppression car is divided into fog cannon, generator sets, tank body three large parts, relying on environmental protection fog gun on the high-speed operation of the wind blower principle, the tank body water through the atomization wind sent to 80 meters far range, spray dust, purify the air, at the same time with sprinkler and road flushing function.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 02.jpg


The vehicle  in the use of security, reliability, convenience and other performance indicators at the same time, handsome in appearance, fashion, novel, air duct and members of all using sandblasting after spraying two primer and a surface paint, paint using domestic well-known anti-corrosion paint.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 03


The efficiency of work conversion is high, the shooting Chengyuan, the covering area is big, the mist grains are small and uniform, and the dust suppression effect is good. When the mist is in contact with the dust floating in the air, it is adsorbed by the dust, which increases the proportion of the dust, suppresses the flow of dust in the air, and accelerates the dust deposition to achieve the purification of the air.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 04.jpg


The new multifunctional dust-suppression vehicle will serve the Ministry of Railways or other areas. The main train is transporting coal, which is used to solidify the coal on each train, form protective film and reduce pollution. Spraying can be 360 degrees rotation, with a sprinkler function, the rear platform antiaircraft artillery can be rotated at the same time. Can be operated by electronic remote control.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 06.jpg

Dongfeng 15 cubic multi-function dust suppression car fog gun machine features:
1, strong wind, shooting Chengyuan, covering a wide range, high efficiency, movable, simple and convenient operation.
2, up and down using remote control operation (can operate in the CAB) safe and convenient.
3, can achieve constant, low capacity and ultra-low capacity, such as various forms of spray.
4, can be used three-phase 380V mains, fixed installation in the lift or concrete placement platform for use, but also ancillary diesel generator sets of power supply installed in the transport vehicle use.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 07.jpg

底盘配置:国五排放东风后双桥底盘,轴距4350+1300mm,ISB210 50发动机/YC6JA240-50发动机,D913-3驾驶室,小八档变速箱,5吨前桥/10吨双后桥,10.00钢丝胎,车架280mm,带ABS,下防护。

Chassis configuration: National five emissions Dongfeng rear bridge chassis, wheelbase 4350+1300mm,isb210 50 engine/yc6ja240-50 engine, d913-3 cab, small eight-gear gearbox, 5 ton front axle/10 ton double rear axle, 10.00 steel tyre, frame 280mm, with ABS, Under protection.

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 09.jpg

上装配置:罐体容积:16方,新款圆形罐体,罐体钢板采用Q235碳钢钢材,前冲后洒、平台高炮、自流阀及消防接头各1个、水管2根、标配亿丰泵或金龙泵。 选装60-120米风送式喷雾机,喷雾机

Top configuration: Tank Volume: 16 Square, the new round tank body, tank steel plate using Q235 carbon steel, before the shower, platform antiaircraft, artesian valve and fire joint each one, 2 water pipes, standard billion-feng pump or jinlong pump. Optional 60-120-meter air sprayer, spray machine

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 10


Optional configuration: Medicine tray, indoor air control operation, Big duck mouth 1 pairs, Honda pump, plus cannon, long police lights, tank side with the gate, the tank after the installation of spray, Grand Dragon Small pump/large pump, LED arrow lights, the whole car chase diameter ball valve;

Dongfeng 15 cbm dust suppression truck with 100m fog cannon 11.jpg


Functional configuration: Flush with the front of the surface spraying device, rear fan-shaped dust spraying device, two side spraying device, with the back of the work platform, platform installed green sprinkler gun (gun spray shape adjustable), can be adjusted straight-like, heavy rains, moderate rain, drizzle, can be continuously adjusted, the maximum range of up to 28 meters, Vertical suction range of 6.5 meters, head 14 meters, plus high efficiency car-mounted air sprayer, spray gun atomization effect is good, can be remote spray, horizontal range of 60-120 meters. With fire-fighting interface, artesian valve, can be self-priming from the row.


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