China compression garbage or refuse station

China compression garbage or refuse station…it oftenly work with the docking garbage truck also we call them the butt joint refuse truck.


Waste compaction is the process of compacting waste, reducing it in size. Garbage compactors and waste collection vehicles compress waste so that more of it can be stored in the same space.


Compressed garbage station is also known as vertical compression garbage station, buried refuse station equipment, community refuse disposal station, refuse compression transfer point, landfill type refuse transit point.

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Compressed garbage station, is a new concept of environmental protection requirements of the garbage collection facilities, it can completely solve the two pollution problems of domestic waste, and achieve low input, low-cost operation, but also harmless, resource, less occupied, beautify the environment and other advantages.

China compression garbage or refuse station

This equipment uses the hydraulic system control, will refuse in the sealed storage storehouse the forced compression, causes the general life rubbish the compression ratio to reach 2-3:1 above, compresses the volume to reduce, the density increases, reduces the Sinotrans times, reduces the removal expense, this equipment has the automatic discharge sewage function, Sewage or rainwater generated during the process of garbage compression will be discharged into the sewer network through an automatic drainage system at the bottom of the pit, disinfection and mosquito control system in the operation of the drug can be automatically sprayed on the garbage, to disinfect, kill mosquitoes, dust, deodorant and other purposes, greatly improve the quality of the environment, but also optional installation of automatic remote control, Can be operated through the remote control of the entire garbage station, greatly reduce the labor intensity, one person can manage multiple garbage stations.

China compression garbage or refuse station

sdrcofChina compression garbage or refuse station

China compression garbage or refuse station 03

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