2.5 meters snow removal equipment -Snow Shovel

2.5 meters snow removal equipment -Snow Shovel from China

longma xc 2500 for vehicle 04


LM-XC-2500雪铲参数: 2.5米除雪铲,车载除雪铲,除雪车安装使用,车辆推雪铲
产品尺寸(mm) :25001200×900
有效工作宽度(mm) :2000-2500
工作速度(km/h): 15-30

lm-xc-2500 Snow Shovel Parameters
Product size (mm): 25001200×900
Effective working width (mm): 2000-2500
Total weight of snow shovel (kg): 360KG
Push snow board left and right corner (°): ≥±30°
Left and right steering cylinder stroke: 160mm
Take-off and landing Oil cylinder stroke: 180mm
Maximum ground clearance (mm): 300-400
Obstacle avoidance Height (mm): 130
Snow removal Thickness (mm): ≤200
Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%
Hydraulic system: RMH-6254-2E-2-040-H-2S DC hydraulic system unit
Operating voltage (optional): 12v/24v
Shovel blade (thick x width): 12×120 (high abrasion resistant steel)
Shovel PLATE: High strength and toughness quality carbon steel
Operating speed (km/h): 15-30
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匹配车型: 2.5米除雪铲,车载除雪铲,除雪车安装使用,车辆推雪铲
Matching truck:
Cleaning car, road sweeper, sprinkler, dump truck, tractor, box-type wagon and other vehicles, do not affect the use of any vehicle functions, but also with the use of snow brush swap.
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Instructions- 2.5 meters snow removal equipment -Snow Shovel
Correct and safe operation of snow shovel, can give full play to the equipment snow removal performance, improve snow removal effect, prolong the service life of equipment, improve economic efficiency. Correct and safe operation can reduce the wear and tear of parts, prevent accidents, and have great effect on high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and safe production. You must be familiar with the operating mechanism and its functions before using this machine.
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1, push the snow shovel uses: 2.5 meters snow removal equipment -Snow Shovel
In addition to the snow Shovel is a modern expressway, urban sanitation, airports and other places must be equipped with snow-removing equipment, my company produces multi-functional snow shovel structure is reasonable and reliable, technologically advanced, can be applied to all kinds of occasions in the snow removal work.


2, Working principle: 2.5 meters snow removal equipment -Snow Shovel
The shovel blade with a certain cutting angle can continuously remove the snow from the road with the advance of the snow shovel and move along the special curved face. Finally to a certain speed, in addition to the take-off and landing of snow shovel depends on the lifting cylinder to complete, swinging mechanism to make full contact with the road surface, when the road height changes, in addition to the snow shovel automatically realize take-off and landing, To ensure that the blade does not appear cutting force too large damage to the blade and damage the road, and will not leave the road shovel can not snow, when encountered obstacles, there is automatic reversal and shovel blade automatic reset function, to ensure the smooth work of snow removal.
With the help of the driving force, through the control mechanism of each button, the master of the snow shovel to adjust to the position of 30°, the use of snow Shovel’s radian, tilt angle and driving speed to push the snow to the road side.
The device has automatic obstacle avoidance function, using centralized control system, the control box can be conveniently installed in the cab, and the whole action of the snow shovel can be accomplished by manipulating the button on the control box. The control mechanism is simple to install and can be disassembled at any time without affecting the performance of the whole vehicle.
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