Sinotruk howo 20m3 fuel tanker truck

Sinotruk howo 20m3 fuel tanker truck

Sinotruk howo 20m3 fuel tanker truck

inotruk howo 20m3 to 25m3 fuel oil tanker truck is one of our main and competitive products. We can provide you product with high quality and at reasonable price according to your requirements. The tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Fuel tank can be chosen with oil pump, flow meter, tanker piston, and bobbin disk. Fuel tank can be separated to several compartments to fill different kinds of fuel. Our tankers are seamless welding and has gone through strict anti-leakage inspection. And the interior tank body has gone through anti-corrosion treatment.

Sinotruk howo10m3 to 25m3 fuel oil tanker truck Specification:

1. Tank material: we can provide carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, manganese steel tanks, aluminum tanks, steel with plastic (or rubber) tanks and plastic tanks.
2. Good welding: tank body is adopted an advanced automatic vertical welding techniques and head arc butt welding technology, as well as the whole- steel forming a composite.
3. High safety: equip with active and passive emergency protection devices, to provide full closure remote manipulation of materials handing functions. Equip separators [Baffle] to prevent surging of liquid towards bulk head
4. Function: The tank body is suit for loading light fuel oil, heavy oil, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, caustic soda hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, benzene, cooking oil and so on.
5. Oil punp: gear pump, self-absorption (centrifuge) pump, chemical pump, heavy, oil pump, stainless steel pump are optional.
6. Tank shape: shape of tank body can be designed to square round, round,Heat insulation device such as heating pipes, insulation.
7. Refueling machine: the refueling machine we use are tax controled oiling machine with accurate figure of volume, sum of money,etc.
8. Optional: reading meter for outlet and inlet,self-discharge valve at rail or side of tank body, compartment quantity according to the demand.

HOWO oil tank truck
Overall dimensions
Fuel tank dimensions
Curb weight
Loading capacity
Wheel base
F/R track base
Approach/departure angle
Max speed
Axle Load
Tire specification
Engine type
Traction system
Manual , 9-speed
Number of axles
Emission standard
Euro 2
Operation control  system
Electrically hydraulic control
Allowable passengers in cab
diesel engine
Production cycle
30-35 working days
12 month,from the date of supply
Standard configuration
1. With power steering.
2. With computer fueling machine, pump, hose reel, european standard bottom valve.
3. Transportation of the goods: gasoline, diesel density of 0.7  t/m3 to 0.8 t/m3.
4. Air condition in the cabin.

SX 2190 China Military Truck

Technical Parameters

  Model SX2190

   Drive type: 6*6

   Vehicle curb weight: 11500kg

   The total mass of trailers specified by the factory: 10000kg

  Total length: 7994mm

  Total width: 2500mm

  Total height: 3350mm

   Wheelbase (front/rear): 3375mm/1400mm

  Tread (front/rear): 2072mm/2072mm

  Front overhang: 1719mm

   Rear overhang: 1500mm

  Minimum ground clearance: 385mm

   Minimum turning diameter: 18m

   Maximum climbing degree: 60%

  Maximum speed: 80km/h

  Maximum power: 280PS(206kw)/2400rpm

  Maximum torque: 109kgf.m/1070N.M/1400rpm

   Fuel consumption: 38L/100km

   Transmission model: Fuller RT11609A

   Tire specifications: 15.5-20-18

  Main assembly structure

   One, engine

   Type: inline six-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke direct injection turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine

   Model: WD615.77A

   Two, clutch GF420X

   form: monolithic dry type, with torsion damper

   Model: GF420X

  Operation form: pneumatic assist mechanical rope type

   Three, transmission

   Form: Fuller double shaft double H mechanical type

   Model: RT11609A

   Gears: 8 forward + 1 crawl + 2 reverse

  Operation form: clutch brake device for starting, pneumatic and joystick operation

   Four, steering gear

   form: screw nut recirculating ball integral type

   Model: ZF8046

   Trapezoidal mechanism: behind the front axle

   Five, transfer case

   Type: Machine with differential and front axle joint device.

  Model: VG1200

  Speed ​​ratio: 1.75/1.00b

  Operation form: mechanical rope type shifting cross plate switch electric control.

   VI. Type of drive shaft: open tubular with cross shaft and universal joint

   Seven, suspension

  Front suspension form: non-independent vertical leaf spring type

   Damping element: two-way cylindrical hydraulic shock absorber

  Rear suspension form: balanced swing inverted vertical leaf spring type

  Guide element: six thrust rods

   Eight, drive axle

   form: steel plate stamping axle housing, planetary reducer with wheel

   Speed ​​ratio: 6.72 (5.73 optional)

   Nine, brake system

  Main brake: dual pipeline air brake, shoe drum

  Parking brake: spring air brake, middle and rear wheel side

   Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake.

   10. Electrical appliances: line voltage 24V.

   eleven, body

   Cab: Full-metal lengthened cab with sleeper, two doors with roof windows.

   Large box form: all metal. More on below:×6-awd-military-truck-chassis.html


371hp howo dump truck,howo 6×4 dump truck

371hp howo dump truck,howo 6×4 dump truck,30 ton howo dump truck for sale

Howo 336 horse power tipper truck 03

 Howo dump truck basic Made SINOTRUK
Series HOWO
Howo dump Model ZZ3257N3647A
Howo dump Driving Type 6×4
Howo dump Engine Howo dump Engine model WD615.47
Howo dump Engine Type 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and intercooling,4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Howo dump Maximum output 371 hp (247 Kw) at 2200 rpm
Howo dump Displacement 9.726 L
Bore 126 mm
Stroke 130 mm
Compression ratio 29.8 hp/l
Specific fuel consumption 195 g/kWh
Howo dumpTransmission Model HW15710(Fuller technology)
speeds 10 speeds
Howo dump Axle Front Axle 9T
Rear Axle 16T
Howo dump Fuel tank Aluminium fuel tank 300 L capacity with locking fuel cap
Howo dump Steering Model ZF power steering, modol ZF8098, hydraulic steering
Howo dump Tyre Radial Tyre 12.00R20
Howo dump Driver’s Cab Flat roof cab with bed all steal forward control,2-arm windscreen wiper system with three speed,laminated windscreen, damped adjustable driver’s seat, with heating and ventilating system, adjustable steering wheel,air conditioner
Howo dump Dimensions mm Wheel base 3600+1350
Overall dimmensions 8145*2496*3386
Dimension of the rear dump body 5600*2300*1500
Howo dump Performance Maximum driving speed (km/h) 75
Maximum gradeability (%) 40
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 314
Minimum turning circle (m) 20
Fuel consumption (l/100 km) 28


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Dongfeng EQ6840PT Off-Road Bus

Dongfeng EQ6840PT Off Road Bus 15

Dongfeng EQ6840PT 6×6 off road bus – 30 seats

Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 8380* 2350 * 2720,2930
Wheelbase(mm) 3240+1060
Tread Front/Rear(mm) 1774/1774
Front/Rear suspension(mm) 1290/2790
Tire style 12.5R20
Tire quantity 6
Seating capacity(include driver) 24
Approach/Departure Angle(o) 35/23
G.V.W.(kg) 9300
C.V.W. (kg) 6750
Max. Speed (km/h) 85
Grade ability (%) 55
Min. turning circle diameter (m) 17
Min. Ground clearance(mm) 286
Fuel consumption (L/100km) 24
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 270
Vehicle Model EQ6840PT
Engine model B160-30   160HP
Dongfeng diesel engine
Engine Arrangement of Engine 6 cylinder in line
Displacement (L) 6700
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Advertised Output/Advertised Output speed (kw/r/min) 118/2500
Max. Torque/Max. Torque speed (N.m/r/min)) 600/1400
Emission standard Euro III
A/C With A/C
Vehicle colour According to customer request


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